Piljardi- ja lauatennisesaal
PurposePiljardi ja lauatennise mängimine
Area133.65 (m2)
Length 16.5 (m)
Width8.1 (m)
Height4 (m)
Surface of the floorrubber
Portable sports floorno
Specification of the floorbetoon + kummimatid
Year of the floor installation
Portable partitions
Stationary seats
Portable seats
Other seats20
Seats in total20
Illuminance (lx)
Electronic scoreboardno
Additional information for the scoreboards
Stationary sound amplifier systemno
Additional informationIstekohad teisaldatavatel toolidel ja pinkidel


Simultaneously usable standard billiard tables (6-12 ft)1
Simultaneously usable competition tables1
Game typesameerika pool, vene püramiid

Table tennis

Simultaneously usable standard table tennis table2