Purposeathletics and soccer stadium
Length of the stadium130 (m)
Width of the stadium55 (m)
Oval running trackyes
Length of the oval running track300 (m)
Number of the lanes in bends2
Number of the lanes at the front straight3
Number of the lanes at the opposite straight2
Water jumpno
Number of the straights1
Surfacesynthetic surface
Specification of the track surfacetartaan
Year of the surface installationrajakate uuendatud 2016.a.
Midfield footballl fieldyes
Length of the football field75 (m)
Width of the football field45 (m)
Midfield surfacegrass
Specification of the midfield surface
Year of the midfield surface installation
Long and triple jump areas 1
Pole vault areas
High jump areas
Javelin throwing areas
Shot put throwing circles1
Discus and hammer throw circle
Artificial lightno
Illuminance (lx)
Electronic scoreboardno
Additional information for the scoreboards
Stationary sound amplifier systemno
Stationary seats
Portable seats
Other seats100
Incl. sheltered seats
Seats in total100
Additional information


Soccer fields/pitches1
Soccer fields with minimum requirements (min 90x45m)
Soccer fields with international requirements (min 90x45m)


Area384 (m2)
Length 24 (m)
Width16 (m)
Specification of the surfaceväljaku kate uuendatud 2004.a.
Artificial lightyes
Additional information


Standard basketball courts (28x15m)
Standard basketball courts with international requirements (32x19m)
Simultaneously usable standard basketball courts (28x15m)
Basketball courts (26x14m)
Basketball courts (24x13m)1
Simultaneously usable mini-basketball courts (22x12m ja 20x11m)
Simultaneously usable street basketball courts (22x12m ja 20x11m)2
Area400 (m2)
Length 20 (m)
Width20 (m)
Depth of sand25 (cm)
Artificial lightno
Additional information

Beach volleyball

Standard beach volleyball courts (16x8m)2
Standard beach volleyball courts with national requirements (22x14m)
Standard beach volleyball courts with international requirements (36x18m)
Simultaneously usable beach volleyball courts2