Kunstmuru tenniseväljakud
Area2090 (m2)
Length 38 (m)
Width55 (m)
Artificial turf courts3
Carpet courts
Clay courts
Courts with other surface
Specification of court surface?
Artificial lightno
Electronic scoreboards
Additional information for the scoreboards
Stationary seats
Portable seats
Other seats
Incl. sheltered seats
Seats in total
Additional information


Standard tennis courts for doubles (23,77x10,97m)3
Tennis courts with minimum requirements (34x16m)
Tennis courts with national requirements (35x17m)
Tennis courts with international requirements (36,6x18,3m)3
Tennis courts with major requirements (40,23x20,11m)
Standard tennis courts for singles (23,77x8,23m)3
Simultaneously usable tennis courts3