Area300.074 (m2)
Length 24.18 (m)
Width12.41 (m)
Height6.52 (m)
Portable partitions
Surface of the floorwood
Portable sports floorno
Specification of the floor
Year of the floor installation
Stationary seats
Portable seats
Other seats
Illuminance350 (lx)
Seats in total
Electronic scoreboards
Additional information for the scoreboards
Stationary sound amplifier systemno
Additional informationKorvpalliväljaku jooned 22,3x11m.


Standard basketball courts (28x15m)
Standard basketball courts with international requirements (32x19m)
Simultaneously usable standard basketball courts (28x15m)
Basketball courts (26x14m)
Basketball courts (24x13m)
Simultaneously usable mini-basketball courts (22x12m ja 20x11m)
Simultaneously usable street basketball courts (22x12m ja 20x11m)2


Standard volleyball courts (18x9m)1
Standard volleyball courts with national requirements (24x15x7m)
Standard volleyball courts with international requirements (34x19x12,5m)
Simultaneously usable standard volleyball courts (18x9m)1
Simultaneously usable mini-volleyball courts (13,4x6,1m)
MTÜ Eesti Oyama-Karate KeskusKarate
MTÜ FlorettSports for the disabled, Fencing
MTÜ VMK BaltiPowerboating sport